Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer is drawing to a close

...and what to I have to show for it? Nadda! I started of the summer with all these wonderful goals in mind. I was going to eat more veggies and cook more meals. So far, everything I've had has either been ordered in or been heated up out of box. I was going to get some more exercise. Hell, I make my DH drive me the five blocks to work every morning. I was going to finish some UFOs. To finish them, you'd have to be able to find them. So much for that idea.
The one thing I have managed to do is to get outside with the pugs on a somewhat regular basis. Of course, you can't take pugs out when it's too warm. Anything that requires shorts is too warm. Poor little man Chester here...he was out for about a half hour, early morning. He was one tired little man when we scoop him and Ting up to head for the coolness of our polished cement floor. I love our cement floors. They're way easier to clean than anything else out there. They don't snag, discolour, peel, buckle or chip. To clean them, you sweep and use a little warm water. Not that I DO clean them...but I could if I wanted to and it wouldn't be difficult!
So, here's to the upcoming cooler weather, the changing colours of the leaves, the kids getting off my streets and back to school, and the puggies being able to run and wrestle in the doggy park again!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Froggy, Froggy, Froggy

Damn, damn, double damn, damn...Lace is my friend, lace is my friend...nope, it's no good. No matter how many times I say it, it is never going to be true. I'm trying to make a shrug for my niece. Good thing there's no real time line on it. I've started and riped the whole thing back for a third time...and this is AFTER I went to the LYS and had some woman take a row back for me (but, she didn't take the row back until AFTER she'd told me that I was doing it ALL WRONG! in a brisk middle European manner). The yarn, which I was questioning, truth be told, is knitting up into a beautiful colour and pattern (as half ass backward a pattern as I'm knitting). I bought new needles to accomplish my task and they're warm and lovely in my hands (bamboo...nice!). But, my eyes are crossed, my hands are tired, and my mood is getting more and more fowl by the minute....and I've got one row completed on my needles after all this. I looked up the pattern. Others went on about how mindless and easy it is. I'm feeling a little annoyed with these people. How dare they flaunt their lace knitting prowess in my face! I'm going to add my two cents worth to that little list of people when I'm done. I'm going to expose the truth of the pattern! You just wait and see if I don't! Of course, it'll have to be after the project is complete...so you may want to hold of checking back for that post for a couple of...years!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lovely Day for a Walk on the Beach

What a lovely day it was today! The sun wasn't really shinning too brightly, and it was a little chilly, but it was clear and it wasn't raining. Good enough for us! DH and I took the pugs down to the off leash park...that little slice of heaven that is both off leash park AND beautiful scenic view AND pebbled beach way below. We walked the beach, we played with other dogs, we strolled back along the path and had a sip at the fountain...both for us and the pugs.

Afterwards, I headed out to the stores to pick up a few things for the yarn swap package that I'm putting together. I'm almost there. Only a few more things to pick up. I didn't realize that one of the local shops that used to sell buttons and embroidery are now selling yarn and knitting needles and all sorts! I'm spoiled for choice now between the Beehive Wool Shop and this store!!!

I'm home watching the Juno's now with two very sleepy pugs. They're snoring away on my lap. Life is good. Life is very good.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sparkly Opera Wrap

So, I left the chicks behind...I could easily have finished them on the boat, but I wasn't all too happy with the results. I have to mess around with the beaks a little bit (nope, I'm not gluing on orange felt...I just won't do it!). I knew the boat was fully loaded. Not a single spare seat going. I had to knit or crochet something small, with small needles or a hook. I chose, yes, a wrap (Stolen Moments Wrap, Designed by Amy M. Swenson for Make One Yarn Studio - available free online! http://www.make1yarns.com/patterns/StolenMomentsWrap.pdf) with bulky weight yarn (so not what the pattern calls for - Moda Dea Cache, Smartie http://yarndex.com/yarn.cfm?yarn_id=3065)! I stuffed a couple of the balls of yarn into my bag, along with a size 8mm/14in long needles and folded up the pattern to just show the main part of the pattern (cause, you know, it was that piece of paper that made this project too bulky!). Once on the boat, I started to knit. Kids pointed and asked their mothers what I was doing, the person sitting next to me about jumped out of her seat when she saw the knitting needles come out (abandon ship...deadly weapon on board!). I was about twelve rows in when I realized, I had misread the pattern. Even so, I really liked what was becoming of my multicoloured, thick/thin yarn! I had to make this right. I frogged all the way back...I even cast on again. I'm about 10 inches in at this point, one ball of yarn down, another five to go. This is turning into my favourite project ever! I can't believe it. A simple lace wrap...it's soft, it sparkles, it's elegant without being dainty. It's everything I have ever wanted in a wrap. I am going to keep this one for myself!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Chicks

Okay, so I'm heading home for Easter for the first time in 11 years. The boys are grown, and I can now travel at any time of year. Of course, I don't, really. I have the kitty and the pugs to think about. My DH does a great job looking after them. He does most of the looking after where the basics are concerned. But, I'm the cuddler. I sit with them. I pat them. I talk to them. I play with them. It's hard to leave them, even for a day or two. I digress...I'm heading home for Easter. Four days. While I'm there, two of my nieces will have birthdays. So, I thought, I'll knit or crochet them a little something cute to top off their presents. I saw the cutest pattern for little chicks. It looked pretty simple. Okay, I'll give it a go. Well, a go I gave it. It was an easy pattern...I'm just all thumbs when it comes to sewing anything together! What looked like adorable little, brightly coloured chicks when they made them, turned into bumpy weebles for my attempt! Well, I guess it's off to Purdy's to buy an extra bit of chocolate to make up for my sad attempts at crocheted chicks...Now...what to get for the girls!?!?! :)